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1534134 Cartridge for launching missile lures SOC E LACROIX 12 Dec 1975 50965/75 Heading F3A A cartridge for launching electromagnetic or infra-red lures from an aircraft to confuse the guiding system of a missile launched against the aircraft, comprises a casing 10, Fig. 4, containing a number of projectiles 30 which are arranged to be ejected from the casing by the sequential electrical ignition of associated ejection charges 38, the projectiles each carrying a load adapted to form at least one lure 32. The lures comprise annular pyrotechnic discs which burn in the infra-red region of the spectrum or metallized needles which act as dipoles when dispersed from the projectiles. The pyrotechnic charges acting as the lures are ignitable by the ejection charges 38 acting through pyrotechnic delay fuzes 44 and igniter charges 46, 50.; A slide 56 separating the charges 46, 50 in each projectile is moved by springs (64), Fig. 3, not shown, when the projectile leaves the casing 10 to provide communication between the charges. The electrical means for causing sequential ignition of the ejection charges 38 is contained in a socket 80 and communicates with individual electric igniters (not shown) for the ejection charges via a flexible printed circuit 78. A modified form of projectile, Fig. 5, for ejection from the cartridge, comprises an ejection charge 38 &c., as previously and end plugs 54, 55 held in the ends of a casing 22a by a weak connection 57 which is destroyed upon the ignition of charges 50, 51. Pyrotechnic elements 30a are ejected from the casing 22a by the accumulation of gas pressure in the space 65.

Lure launching cartridges
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GB19750050965 19751212
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1534134 (A)
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December 12, 1975
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November 29, 1978
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