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1533841 Refuse receptacles J D H BLACKBURN 17 Dec 1975 [2 Oct 1974] 42693/74 Headings A4A A refuse receptacle comprises a holder 10, a detachable lid 11, semi-circular cross-section container 12 and quadrant cross-section containers 13 and 14 the height of the holder being greater than the width of the lid. The holder 10 may be formed from metal or synthetic resin material, or alternatively be in the form of wire mesh or have a base portion with hoops spaced therefrom. There may be two to five containers of either metal or synthetic resin material or the containers may be made of differing materials. Wheels may optionally be provided for the receptacle.

Refuse receptacle
Application Number
GB19740042693 19751217
Publication Number
1533841 (A)
Application Date
December 17, 1975
Publication Date
November 29, 1978
Blackburn J
B65F 01/08
B65F 01/04
B65F 01/08
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