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1533559 Regenerating adsorbent beds W R GRACE & CO 27 Nov 1975 [27 Nov 1974 23 Dec 1974] 48834/75 Heading B1L [Also in Divisions C1A and H5] A bed of adsorbent, e.g. zeolite, having gas, e.g. water vapour, adsorbed thereon is regenerated by passing through the bed a direct electric current or an alternating electric current having a frequency less than 1000 Herz, at a current density low enough to preclude electrolysis of adsorbed gas, and at an energy input sufficient to achieve desorption of the gas through resistance heating. During the regeneration a purge gas or vacuum may be applied to the bed. The electrodes 1 used for bed heating may have an additional function in monitoring the level of gas adsorbed on the bed during the adsorption phase.; These may be done by passing an electric current through the bed and monitoring the change in current caused by increasing conductivity as the adsorbed gas content rises. The regeneration may be started at a predetermined such current level or in response to a pre-set timer, dewpoint measurements in the outlet purge gas, bed electrical resistivity signal or regeneration energy consumption.

Regeneration of adsorbents
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GB19750048834 19751127
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1533559 (A)
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November 27, 1975
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November 29, 1978
Grace W R & Co
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B01D 53/26
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B01D 53/26
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