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151,969. Deutsche Maschinenfabrik Akt.-Ges., (Assignees of Meyer Akt.-Ges. f r Maschinen-und Bergbau, R., and Strucksberg, P.). March 9, 1914, [Convention date]. No Patent granted (Scaling fee not paid). Fixed-abutment type; regulating pumps. - A regulating-device for a rotary pump of the type having outwardly-sliding vanes 3, which compress air into a reservoir 5, comprises two pistons 9, 10 adapted when a certain pressure is reached to close a throttle valve 8 in the suction pipe E and to open a relief valve 7 in the delivery pipe A. Air for cooling may be allowed to enter the pump through a hole 12 in the throttle valve 8. One piston may be used to actuate both valves 7, 8. The piston 10 may itself function as the throttle valve.

Improvements relating to rotary compressors
Application Number
GB19200021059 19200712
Publication Number
151969 (A)
Application Date
July 12, 1920
Publication Date
November 14, 1921
Deutsche Maschf
F04C 28/00
F04C 28/24
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