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1516622 Self - closing hinge E I E SCHUBEIS 2 March 1977 08850/77 Headings E2F and E2M In a self-closing hinge, one hinge member 8 to be secured to a door frame has a cylindrical sleeve 9 closed at its lower end 10 and the other hinge member 1 to be attached to a door has a hinge bolt 2 which is rotatably accommodated in the sleeve 9. A lower portion of the sleeve 9 has a multipitch thread arranged to cooperate with a threaded ring member 12 in which the lower portion of the hinge bolt 2 is journalled in a non-rotatable but axially displaceable manner. Upon relative rotation between the hinge bolt and the sleeve, the ring member 9 is screwed upwardly into engagement with an annular shoulder 6 on the hinge bolt 2 and continued relative rotation lifts the hinge bolt 2.; At each end of the sleeve is a cavity 16, 17 interconnected by a passage 18 having a valve 19 to enable unrestricted flow of oil in one direction and a restricted and adjustable flow of oil in the other direction to cause a damping effect. A spring 15 provided between the ring member 12 and the annular shoulder 6 acts to urge the ring member downwardly.

Self-closing hinge
Application Number
GB19770008850 19770302
Publication Number
1516622 (A)
Application Date
March 2, 1977
Publication Date
January 17, 2007
Schubeis E
E05F 03/20
E05F 03/12
E05D 05/10
E05D 03/02
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E05F 01/06
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