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1512530 Wire support insulator AHI OPERATIONS LTD 30 Sept 1975 [1 Oct 1974] 39987/75 Heading H2C An insulating support comprises a part 4 slotted to receive a conductor and a sleeve 7 for insertion across the slot and for separating the fastener, e.g. nail 9, from part 4, the support being manufactured as a one-piece moulding, Fig. 1, and the sleeve being attached to the body by frangible sections 8. The body may have external corrugations. On striking the nail the frangible sections 8 fracture allowing the sleeve to enter the corresponding bore in the body, further blows completing the assembly as shown on Fig. 4,

Application Number
GB19750039987 19750930
Publication Number
1512530 (A)
Application Date
September 30, 1975
Publication Date
June 1, 1978
Ahi Operations
H01B 17/24
H01B 17/14
F16L 03/12
H01B 17/14
F16L 03/123
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