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1508576 Pigment dispersions IMPERIAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES Ltd 29 Aug 1975 [17 Sept 1974 (2) 1 Aug 1975] 40416/74 40418/74 and 32287/75 Heading C1A [Also in Divisions B1 C3 and C4] A dispersion of (a) a solid in (b) an organic liquid in which the particle size of the solid is below 20 microns, contains dissolved therein (c) a resinous or polymeric dispersing agent suitable for dispersing the solid and additionally contains therein (d) a fluidizing agent, which is different from the dispersing agent, comprising a substituted ammonium salt of a coloured acid wherein there are 19-60 carbon atoms contained in at least 3 chains attached to the N atom of the substituted ammonium ion. The coloured acid is defined as any pigment or dyestuff which contains an acidic grouping.; Example 12 discloses a dispersion comprising as (a) TiO 2 , (b) toluene, (c) a polyurethane and (d) the product of reacting copper phthalocyanine sulphonic acid and dioctadecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. Further examples disclose dispersions comprising as (a) carbon black, (b) toluene or spindle oil, (c) a polyurethane and (d) the product of casting a copper phthalocyanine sulphonide and dioctadecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride (16, 42, 43).

Dispersion of solids in organic solvents
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GB19740040416 19740917
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1508576 (A)
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September 17, 1974
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April 26, 1978
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B01F 17/52
B01F 03/12
C08K 05/16
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