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150,549. Abushady, A. Z. Oct. 6, 1919. Drawings to Specification. Bee-keepers' appliances.-A comb foundation including no wax in its construction is formed of metal, on the surface of which the cell bases, of hexagonal, square, circular, or other form, are embossed or impressed as ridges or grooves. The foundation may be mounted in frames having a groove for the edge of the foundation, and having one side removably attached by screws. Specification 8096/93 is referred to. According to the Provisional Specification, any suitable materials may be employed in addition to metals.

Improvements in or relating to combs for beehives
Application Number
GB19190024367 19191006
Publication Number
150549 (A)
Application Date
October 6, 1919
Publication Date
September 9, 1920
Ahmed Zaky Abushady
A01K 47/00
A01K 47/04
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