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1502144 Toiletries containing azole antimycotics BAYER AG 16 May 1975 [22 June 1974] 20817/75 Heading A5B A hair or skin toiletry composition comprises at least one azole antimycotic which is active against skin changes wholly or partially caused by Pityrosporum ovale and which has the formula (I) wherein Az is an optionally substituted imidazole or triazole group connected to the carbon atom by a nitrogen atom and R', R" and R"' are independently selected from hydrogen atoms, optionally substituted phenyl groups, optionally substituted heterocyclic groups having O, S, or N.; as a hetero atom optionally substituted aliphatic groups optionally substituted alicyclic groups, ester, ether, alkenyl alkinyl, keto, hydroxy, amido and amino groups or R' and R" together represent two optionally substituted phenyl groups linked together by a bridging atom or group, or a salt thereof, dispersed in a dermatologically acceptable carrier which contains a detergent active compound and/or a perfume. The composition preferably comprises 0.05-5wt.% of the compound.

Azole antimycotics in cosmetics
Application Number
GB19750020817 19750516
Publication Number
1502144 (A)
Application Date
May 16, 1975
Publication Date
February 22, 1978
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