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1501729 Gasifying waste material REDKERYOUNG PROCESSES Inc 25 April 1975 [6 May 1974] 17303/75 Heading C5E [Also in Division F4] The destructive distillation of waste organic material, for example fragments of paper, wood, garbage and plastics or trash from which glass and metal have been removed through flotation, is carried out by passing the organic material in dried and pulverized form through an extruder provided with two (or more) separate heating stages A, B and associated ports 66, 78 for the extraction of gases and vapours, and a cooling stage C. The root 40 of the extruder screw may increase in diameter from one end of the screw to the other, continuously (as shown) or stepwise.; In operation the material is heated by electrical heating bands 96 and to some extent by the compaction also, to 400-600 F. in the first stage and the gases and vapours escaping including methane, ethane, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, are drawn off through a ceramic filter 76 into conduit 68 by vacuum pump 74. The conduit may be inductively heated to a red heat whereby to convert the paraffinic constituents into olefines. The gases and vapours pass through a condenser 70 to a storage tank 72. In the second stage the material is further heated, e.g. by induction heating up to 1500 F. and the volatiles extracted through the conduit 80 may be condensed into acetic acid, methyl alcohol and acetone. Alternatively, if the conduit is heated to a red heat, the volatiles will be reduced to gaseous paraffins and olefins.; In the final stage the charred remnant is cooled by water circulating in jacket 89 to a temperature of 200 F. or less, to safeguard against its spontaneous ignition upon being exposed to the air. The extruded material may be formed into pellets and used as fuel.

Conversion of organic waste material
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1501729 (A)
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April 25, 1975
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February 22, 1978
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