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1501665 Needled fabric filter JOHNSON & JOHNSON and PUROLATOR INC 18 April 1975 [19 April 1974] 16092/75 Heading D1R [Also in Divisions B1 and B5] A blood filter element comprises a filter sheet 47 comprising a nonwoven layer of fibres having a thickness of at least 0.015 inches, consisting of fibres locked in position solely by entanglement of fibres with each other and having pores of size 8 to 38 microns, an open plastics mesh net 46 placed upstream of the sheet 47 and a woven synthetic fibre fabric 49 having a pore size of substantially 20 microns placed downstream of sheet 47. The fibres may be interlocked by needling or treatment with liquid. Needling produces larger pores on the surface first penetrated by the needles. Preferably this surface faces upstream. Sheet 47 may be up to 1 inch thick and be formed from polyester or nylon fibres.; As shown the element comprises a woven nylon 180 micron pore size fabric 45, a 1200 micron plastics mesh 46, a 0.045 inch needled polyester fibre layer 47, a second net 48 and a 20 micron pore size woven nylon fabric 49.

Non-woven fabric for filtering blood
Application Number
GB19750016092 19750418
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1501665 (A)
Application Date
April 18, 1975
Publication Date
February 22, 1978
Johnson & Johnson
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