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1481352 Destructive distillation of tyres W SCHAFER 6 Feb 1975 [25 Feb 1974] 8490/74 Heading C5E Tyres are heated, with the substantial exelusion of oxygen, by indirect heat exchange with a hot gas which is led off after the heat exchange separately from the gaseous products formed by the decomposition of the tyres. Tyres 13 are charged through an oil bath 8 into a steel tube 1 and additives such as lime can be added through an air-lock 29. Hot gas from a burner 3 is passed through the annular space between the tube 1 and a heat insulating jacket 2 and leaves through a flue 4. Gaseous and other volatile products are removed through conduits 14 and 14a and passed to a condensation, rectification and distillation system 15, 16; residual solids are discharged at 19.; Fig. 2 (not shown) illustrates an arrangement which can be used instead of the lower portion 21 of the apparatus shown in Fig. 1 and provides for an oxygen-containing gas being supplied to partially burn the carbon product and residual volatiles to produce heat, which heats the carbonisation-melting zone by radiation and conduction, and hot gas which indirectly heats the carbonization tube 1 and also provides for the introduction of steam or carbon dioxide to react with the hot carbon product.

Process and apparatus for the conversion and recovery of distillable constituents from tyres
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GB19740008490 19750206
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February 6, 1975
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July 27, 1977
Schaefer W
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