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1480786 Respiratory humidifiers SEARLE CARDIOPULMONARY SYSTEMS Inc 3 Oct 1974 [4 Oct 1973] 42892/74 Heading A5T A respiratory humidifier comprises a base 6, a heater block 16 having a frustoconical surface 19 and mounted on the base, a container 26 mounted on the base with a frustoconical lower surface 29 thereof abutting surface 19, a tube 36 which cooperates with a float valve 41 to admit liquid into a compartment 34 of the container, a gas inlet tube 51 in the container and terminating close to surface 29, a gas outlet tube 54 on the top of the container, and a pad 57 permeable to the liquid in the container and to the gas, perforated to receive tubes 36 and 51 and positioned between the lower ends of tubes 51 and 54 with its upper surface 59 coincident with or slightly below the liquid level.; The pad is of substantially the same cross-sectional area as the container so as to be retained in position by a friction fit. A float 61 blocks the entrance to the gas outlet tube if the liquid level rises sufficiently owing to a failure of the float valve operation. Openings (79) Fig. 3, (not shown), may be provided in the gas inlet tube to allow gas to flow directly to the outlet should the float 61 close said outlet. The openings are normally closed by a rubber band (81) which is displaced by the differential pressure between tubes 51 and 54 should tube 54 be closed at its inlet. The block 16 is heated by an element 20 wired with a thermistor 21. The heating element can be disconnected by manual operation of a control knob 24.

Respiratory humidifier
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GB19740042892 19741003
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1480786 (A)
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October 3, 1974
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July 27, 1977
Searle Cardio Pulmonary Syst
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