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1466853 Making extracts of vegetable or animal products SIMON-ROSEDOWNS Ltd 17 May 1974 [22 May 1973] 24272/73 Heading C5C [Also in Division B1] Constituents are extracted from powdered natural animal or vegetable products (e.g. oil from yeast) by pelleting, flaking and solvent extraction. Yeast may be steam heated to a moisture content of 20 wt. per cent prior to pelleting and dried to 5-10 wt. per cent water after flaking and thereafter solvent extracted with n-hexane.

Application Number
GB19730024272 19730522
Publication Number
1466853 (A)
Application Date
May 22, 1973
Publication Date
March 9, 1977
Simon Rosedowns
B01D 11/02
C12P 07/64
C11B 01/00
B01D 11/02
C12P 07/64
C11B 01/10
C11B 01/04
C11B 01/02
B01D 11/02
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