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1454597 Spray producers VEREINIGTE OSTERREIOHISGHE EISENUND STAHLWERKE-ALPINE MONTAN AG 29 March 1974 [7 May 1973] 14065/74 Heading B2F A device for prilling liquids, comprises a spiral housing 1, figure 2, for a liquid to be prilled, the liquid entering the housing via a tangential inlet 2 and flowing through a cylindrical sieve 3 into the centre of the housing, liquid being forced from the housing through perforations 6 in a circular plate 4 rigidly attached to the bottom of the housing, the liquid being propelled downwardly by periodical pressure fluctuations applied thereto by means of a circular plate 8, Figure 1, flexibly attached by an annular seal 9 to the top of the housing and oscillated by a vibration generator 11 and a shaft 10. Upstanding radially directed laminas 12 direct the liquid towards the centre of the housing.; A method of prilling liquids using the above device, includes applying a frequency f of the pressure fluctuations which is approximately given by where v is the exit velocity of the liquid through the perforations 6in m/sec, and d is the perforation diameter in mm, the frequency f being in the range of 100 to 2000 Hz. Either saw-toothed or sinusoidal fluctuations may be used. In a second embodiment, Figures 3, 4 (not shown) the plate 8 is positioned within the housing 1 closely above the perforated plate 4, plate 8 also having perforations therein which are of larger diameter than those in plate 4. The seal 9 is then connected to the shaft 10 instead of to the plate 8.

Method of prilling and device for carrying out the method
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GB19740014065 19740329
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1454597 (A)
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March 29, 1974
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November 3, 1976
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