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1444084 Logic HONEYWELL INFORMATION SYSTEMS Ltd 18 Sept 1973 [21 June 1972] 28940/72 Heading G4H A generalized logic device comprises a set of logic elements (e.g. gates, flip-flops) 10 whose inputs and outputs form rows and columns respectively of a rectangular matrix 11 of lines, gates interconnecting the row and column lines at their intersections, a corresponding matrix 14 of storage devices controlling these gates, and means for setting the storage devices to a desired combination of states. The storage devices of matrix 14 are flip-flops addressed row-wise by an address register 15 to receive signals from a data register 16 in response to information from a computer memory via an interfacing unit 19. Each flip-flop in matrix 14 controls a respective gate in matrix 11 to connect a respective column to a respective row or not.; The columns of matrix 11 are fed with the device inputs 12B (as stated) the outputs from set of logic elements 10. The rows of matrix 11 provide the device outputs 13B and (as stated) the inputs to set of logic elements 10.

Generalized logic device
Application Number
GB19720028940 19720621
Publication Number
1444084 (A)
Application Date
June 21, 1972
Publication Date
July 28, 1976
Honeywell Inf Systems
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