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1442587 Carpet sweepers MOULINEX SA 11 Feb 1975 [21 Feb 1974] 5776/75 Heading A4F A carpet sweeper has a casing 10 provided with wheels 12 and a pivoted handle 14, and within the casing a cylindrical brush 18 mounted opposite an opening in the casing bottom at the front end thereof, an electric motor 30 housed in the rear end of the casing and coupled to the brush 18 to rotate it, and a removable dust collecting pan 48 located between the brush 18 and the motor 30. The pan 48 has a hinged lid 62 and is removable through an opening in the top wall 44 of the casing 10 normally closed by a pivoted or removable cover 46.

Domestic sweeper for carpets rugs or other floor coverings
Application Number
GB19750005776 19750211
Publication Number
1442587 (A)
Application Date
February 11, 1975
Publication Date
July 14, 1976
A47L 11/33
A47L 11/00
A47L 11/33
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