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1439080 Producing gas discharge display panels INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 4 Oct 1973 [30 Nov 1972] 46310/73 Heading C1M A glass panel for a gas discharge display device is produced by forming a plurality of parallel grooves in one surface of a glass substrate, filling the grooves with a conductive material and applying a layer of electron emitting dielectric material over the surface of the substrate. The dielectric material may be magnesium oxide a mixture of silicon dioxide and magnesium oxide or glass containing magnesium oxide and silicon dioxide. The dielectric material may have two layers the lower one having substantially the same coefficient of expansion as the glass of the substrate and the upper one being a skin film of electron emitting material. The grooves are formed by chemical or sputter etching.; The dielectric layer is formed by sputtering electron beam evaporation, or plasma spraying. Specification 1,396,005 is referred to.

Gas discharge display structure
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GB19730046310 19731004
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1439080 (A)
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October 4, 1973
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June 9, 1976
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