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1436764 Seat belt reel BRITAX (LONDON) Ltd 6 May 1974 [4 May 1973] 21290/73 Heading A3V A seat belt reel locked by a pawl 15 released from an electromagnetic coil 19 at an emergency includes a non-magnetic barrier associated with the pawl and coil to reduce remanence. The barrier may comprise a plastics sleeve on the pawl, or rubber pads 24, 26 on the pawl or coil. The coil releases the pawl in response to an inertia responsive switch or depression of the brake pedal when the vehicle is travelling above a certain speed. The reel may also be locked if the belt unwinds rapidly. In the embodiment shown in Figure 4 the reel has a second ratchet 41 and associated resilient pawl 43. Once pawl 43 has engaged, tension on the belt deforms the pawl, drawing the main pawl into a tooth of the ratchet 13. The pawl can be released from the coil manually by depressing a plunger 51.

Seat belt storage reel with electrically operated locking device
Application Number
GB19730021290 19730504
Publication Number
1436764 (A)
Application Date
May 4, 1973
Publication Date
May 26, 1976
Britax London
A62B 35/02
B60R 22/34
B60R 22/343
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