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1430513 Toys MATTEL INC 18 July 1974 [22 Aug 1973] 31822/74 Heading A6S A toy comprises a transporter in combination with a doll, &c. having at least one limb, the transporter having a movable part, either the movable part of the transporter or the limb having a surface provided with a pile fabric having loops and the limb or movable part having correspondingly a surface with outwardly-extending, stiff textile hooks to engage releasably with the loops, so that the limb may be connected to the movable part. In one form, a Figure toy 18, Fig. 1, has one foot 20 provided with outwardly-extending loops 24, Fig. 2, on a pile fabric such as brushed nylon tricot. A wheel 14 of a trolley 12 has a rotatable spindle 32 carrying a stiff textile 30 with hooks 34 to engage the loops 24 on the foot.; The leg 16 of the Figure toy 18 is of foamed plastics and has a lengthwise slot 66 (see also Figs. 3, 4) to facilitate bending. The trolley 12 is pulled by a string 60, the leg 16 of the Figure toy bending with rotation of its wheel 14. The Figure toy has hands 76 similarly provided with loops for engagement with patches 50, 52 of a stiff textile with hooks to engage the loops. The torso 62, Fig. 4, of the figure toy is also of foamed plastics and has a lateral slot 68 (see also Fig. 3) so that the toy can be easily flexed to the seated position, Fig. 5 (not shown). The body and leg assembly 62; 16, 64 of the figure toy is covered with cloth 70 to which stuffed cloth arms 72, 74 are fixed. The second leg 64 has an axial slit 66 similar to that of the slit in the first leg 16.; Instead of riding the trolley 12, the figure toy may ride a tricycle having patches of hooked material 86, 88, Fig. 6, on the rearward facing surfaces of peddles 82, 84 for engagement with the looped material 24 on its feet, and particles of looped material 50A, 52A for engagement with the looped material 76 on its hands. The trolley is pulled by a string 60A.

Animated figure toy
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GB19740031822 19740718
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1430513 (A)
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July 18, 1974
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March 31, 1976
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