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1429924 Stud and socket fastenings ANTENNA SPECIALISTS UK Ltd 13 Sept 1974 39980/74 Heading E2B A bayonet joint comprises interengaging members 1 and 3 and an annular pad of elastic rubber having a circumferential groove 6 intermediate its ends, the pad being compressed between the members when the joint is made. The member 1 has two pins 2 projecting laterally therefrom and which engage in opposed slots 4 in the member 3. A rubber grommet 5 between the members 1 and 3 is compressed while the joint is being made and urges the pins against ends 4a of the slots when the joint is fully made. The joint may be used for connecting the parts of an aerial.

Bayonet joint
Application Number
GB19740039980 19740913
Publication Number
1429924 (A)
Application Date
September 13, 1974
Publication Date
March 31, 1976
Antenna Specialists
F16B 21/04
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F16B 07/00
F16B 21/04
F16B 07/20
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