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1429868 Bookbinding H MOGUMO 18 May 1973 23820/73 Heading B6A A book is bound by applying a ribbon of adhesive 14 lengthwise to the central portion of an elongate sheet 1, Fig. 1; folding the sheet at right angles to the ribbon as many times as desired (Fig. 3) applying pressure to the central portion of the folded sheet so as to form a series of spaced aligned indentations at which the overlapping portions of the sheet are brought into intimate contact with one another (Fig. 4) trimming the marginal edges 7-10, Fig. 5; and glueing the back edge 4 of the fold line to a cover sheet.

Threadless book-binding
Application Number
GB19730023830 19730518
Publication Number
1429868 (A)
Application Date
May 18, 1973
Publication Date
March 31, 1976
Mogumo H
B42C 19/02
B42D 01/00
B42C 19/00
B42D 01/00
B42C 19/02
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