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1429633 Fracture fixing device NATIONAL RESEARCH DEVELOPMENT CORP 5 March 1973 [8 March 1972] 10793/72 Heading A5R A trachanteric fracture fixing device comprises a first elongated member 10 with two opposed major faces and having a plurality of apertures 11 spaced therealong, the member being connected at an angle to a second elongated member 14 having a plurality of flat faces (15) Fig. 1 (not shown) which converge towards its free end which has a substantially polygonal cross section the major part of the periphery of which is produced by the flat faces. The apertures may be of countersunk slot form and offset in successively opposite manner relative to the longitudinal axis of the member 10 which is concavely curved in transverse profile on the face contacting the bone 18, and relieved on the opposite face 12 of the member 10.; The second member 14 may be of circular cross section form adjacent the first member 10, and thereafter is tapered by three flat faces (15) to give a triangular cross section at the free end thereof.

Fracture fixing device
Application Number
GB19720010793 19720308
Publication Number
1429633 (A)
Application Date
March 8, 1972
Publication Date
March 24, 1976
Nat Res Dev
A61B 17/18
A61B 17/68
A61B 17/74
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