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1409448 Automatic steering control EMI Ltd 21 April 1967 [27 April 1966] 18548/66 Heading G3R In an automatic target following system, a target area is viewed by a television camera, mounted on a missile and the camera video signals are used to maintain the missile correctly aligned on the target area and to maintain the camera field of view, directed at the selected area. The signals are progressively modified to compensate for increase in target area size as approach progresses. The section of the scene, enclosing the target, viewed by the camera 1, is selected by manual adjustment of the joy-stick, 14. The counters 12, 13 are thereby caused to count backward or forward to define the viewing gate.; The quartized video signals received from the camera after the manual selection of the initial, or viewing gate, are extended in time in the converter, 32, and stored in the magnetostructive delay line, 42 to form a datum of comparison for subsequent camera frames. The comparison is effected in the equality gates 45, 50 to 53 which receive signals for 42 and the quartized video signals from 32 representing the instantaneous camera scene signals. The counters 61 to 65 are energized from the comparison gates in accordance with the degree of correspondence between the selected viewing area and that presently viewed by the camera and the resultant restoring signals are applied to the counters 12, 13 to bring the camera viewing gate into alignment with the initially selected area. The same restoring signals are also applied to the missile guidance to correct path deviation.; The counter 80 registers the degree of approach to the target and replaces the initially selected gate signals by up-dated video signals to allow for changes in the relative scale of target scenes with respect to the datum. In alternative forms, the delay line may be a shift register and stabilization of the camera scanning against yaw and pitch is effected. The operator may also inch in to the target to correct an initial aiming error as the missile approaches the selected area. A marker is operated across the observation screen, by the joy-stick, and is brought into alignment with the required target. The corresponding signal coordinates are stored and then transferred to the main control system counters 12, 13, and guidance is effected on the fresh datum.; Forges area definition may also be varied from fine, at the centre, to coarse, at the periphery by changing the size of the signal elements along each scanning line.

Automatic target following apparatus
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GB19660018548 19660427
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1409448 (A)
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April 27, 1966
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October 8, 1975
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