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1381867 Flarestacks BRITISH PETROLEUM CO Ltd 5 April 1972 [29 April 1971] 12068/71 Heading F4T A method for disposing of low pressure fuel gas comprises passing steam at pressure over a director body having a curved surface 10 so that it entrains surrounding air, the steam and air then being passed into the fuel gas which emerges from an internal passageway 17 of the director body, the resultant mixture of steam, air, and fuel gas then being burnt. During use steam flows into the steam line 14 and from there passes through inlet 11 and flows outside and round the curved part 15 of the director surface 10. A low pressure zone is induced in this portion of the surface due to the change of direction of the flow of the steam and thus air is induced to flow with the steam over the part 16 to the inlet 12 of the fuel gas supply.; The fuel is conveyed to the inlet 12 via the fuel line 17 which continues through the director body. The fuel and the steam and air burn in the region above the inlet 12.

Application Number
GB19710012068 19710429
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1381867 (A)
Application Date
April 29, 1971
Publication Date
January 29, 1975
British Petroleum Co
F23D 13/20
F23G 07/06
F23G 07/08
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