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1375215 Tufting machines FIELDCREST MILLS Inc 14 Jan 1972 [29 Jan 1971] 1967/72 Headings D1G and D1K In a tufting machine a plurality of reciprocating tufting needles 20 penetrate a bailing fabric 24 to produce bight portions 26b of loops of pile yarns the machine being provided with latch needles 21 which have means to reciprocate them through the: bights, means for supplying locking threads for the latch needles and yarn guide means 22 for feeding said locking thread into the hook of the associated latch needle so that each needle can draw a loop of locking thread through each bight. As shown needles 20 are mounted in needle bar 60 which is vertically reciprocated from a shaft 64 through a bar 61.; As the needle 20 penetrates the fabric 24 and produces a loop on the underside the latch needle 21 moves towards the thread guide 22 and passes through the bight produced by the tufting needle. At the forward end of movement of. needle 21 thread guide 22 moves laterally to place a loop in the needle hook. Withdrawal of needle 21 leaves a locking loop in the bight of the tufting loop which is pulled into the base fabric when the tufting loop is tightened due to the higher tension in the tufting yarns. The tufting needle is always reciprocated in the same line but the pile wire 23 over which the tuft pile loops are formed is given a lateral movement between penetrations so that alternate penetrations are on opposite sides of the pile wire. The latch needles 21 are mounted in blocks 70 and reciprocated from. a shaft 80 by levers 81, 82, 75.; The pile wires 23 which have two levels for different lengths of loops are reciprocable from a jacquard or the like by cords 142 against springs 140 and may be provided with cutting edges to provide a cult pile fabric. The pile wires 23 are given lateral movement of means of a grooved cam 131 (Fig. 15) which through a link 125 and plate 120 moves all the wires simultaneously. The thread guides 22 are reciprocated vertically by a lever 97 and are given a lateral motion by a lever 111 acting through a link 110 (Fig. 18).

Apparatus for making tufted fabrics
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GB19720001967 19720114
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1375215 (A)
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January 14, 1972
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November 27, 1974
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