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1360844 Treating liquids; cement compositions NIPPON SODA CO Ltd 25 Aug 1971 [28 Aug 1970 21 Sept 1970 16 Nov 1970 (2) 29 Dec 1970 (2) 12 June 1971 14 July 1971] 39877/71 Headings C1C and C1H [Also in Division C3] A process for adsorbing free chlorine, Cr, Mn, Cd, Co, Ni, Cu, Hg, Pb or Ag or compounds of these metals present in a liquid or gas with an adsorbent comprising a resin prepared by reacting a polyisocyanate or polythioisocyanate with a polyol and/or a compound which contains at least two active H atoms and at least one group selected from and -N =, the group(s) being able to form a chelate linkage with the said metals. The adsorbent may comprise a carrier impregnated with a resin in an amount of 0À1-100% by wt. of carrier. The liquid or gas may be passed through a column of adsorbent or treated in a fluidized bed of adsorbent. The adsorbent may be mixed with cement (e.g.; Portland, alumina, silica or Portland blast furnace cement) in an amount of 0À1-50% by wt. of cement to form a mixture which can be used to make boxes to contain waste containing said metals or compounds or which can be mixed with the waste to form a solid piece. The adsorbent may be treated with acid or alkali prior to use. Carriers specified are diatomaceous earth, pumice stone, zeolite, kaolin, vermiculite, alumina, silica gel, coke, activated charcoal, graphite, bentonite and foamed polyurethane. Compounds which can be adsorbed include chlorides, oxides, nitrates, sulphates, carbonates, sulphides and organo-metallic compounds.; Preferred reactants which may be used in the preparing of the resin are toluylene diisocyanate and a dimer and trimer thereof, diphenylmethane diisocyanate and a dimer and trimer thereof, naphthalene, toluidine, hexamethylene, phenylene and lysine diisocyanates, thiourea, urea, rubeanic acid, diphenylthiourea, dithiodiglycollic acid, thioglycollic acid, tetramethylene dithiocarbamate, ammonium dithiocarbamate, chloranilic acid, glycollic acid, thiosemicarbazide, polyethylene glycol, polypropylene glycol, sorbitol-propylene oxide polyether and adipic acid-glycol polyester.

Process for adsorbing free chlorine heavy metals and compounds of heavy metals
Application Number
GB19710039877 19710825
Publication Number
1360844 (A)
Application Date
August 25, 1971
Publication Date
July 24, 1974
Hukui Takeo
Idohara Mitsuru
Horie Yoshio
Oda Nakaaki
Nippon Soda Co
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