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1343961 Americium-aluminium alloys KERNFORSCHUNG mbH GES FUR 21 Oct 1971 [22 Oct 1970] 48890/71 Heading G6R An americium-aluminium alloy, or a dispersion of such an alloy in an aluminium matrix, is produced by melting americium dioxide with aluminium and a fluxing agent, and separating the alloy from the aluminium oxide formed and the fluxing agent. For example, a mixture of 241AmO 2 and anhydrous cryolite is placed in a cavity in a block of aluminium or in an aluminium crucible and the whole is melted in a graphite crucible at 1200 C. to form the molten alloy which is poured out into a cold graphite mould. The alloy may be subjected to neutron irradiation to produce transuranic nuclides, e.g. Pn238 and Cf 2S 2 .

Preparation of americium-aluminium alloys
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GB19710048890 19711021
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1343961 (A)
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October 21, 1971
Publication Date
January 16, 1974
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G21G 03/00
C22B 60/00
C01G 56/00
C22B 60/04
C22B 60/02
C01G 56/00
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