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1330625 Epoxy resin composition INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS MACHINES CORP 1 Feb 1972 [1 March 1971] 4562/72 Heading C3B A coating composition comprises: (A) 100 parts by wt. of a mixture of 70-95% by wt. epoxy resin (I) having epoxy value (number of epoxide equivalents per 100 g. resin) of 0À50- 0À64 and 3-12% by wt. of highly disperse fillers (II), the total mixture having an epoxy value of 0À46-0À50 and a viscosity at least 20,000 cp. at 25 C.; and (B) 30-80 parts by wt. of a precrosslinked mixture of 20-45% by wt. of aromatic amines, 30-70% by wt. of a polyglycidyl ether of bisphenol A having a mean M.W. # 20,000 and 1-5% by wt. of a BF 3 -amine complex dissolved in 5-25% by wt. of a volatile solvent. (A) may include a reactive diluent, e.g. a monoglycidyl ether. I may be a polyglycidyl ether of bisphenol A and/or an epoxy novolac resin. II may be silica, alumina or montmorillonite.; The mixture (B) may comprise n - phenylenediamine and/or 4,41- methylenedianiline and a complex of BF 3 with monoethylamine dissolved in 2-methoxyethyl acetate. Uses.-Printed circuits.

Coating composition
Application Number
GB19720004562 19720201
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1330625 (A)
Application Date
February 1, 1972
Publication Date
September 19, 1973
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