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1320293 Effluent disposal system CADBOROUGH ENG CO Ltd 20 Jan 1972 2718/ 72 Heading AIM [Also in Division Cl] An effluent disposal system which comprises an effluent treatment apparatus (not shown) includes a water reservoir 11 connected so as to selectively flush at least one animal housing 17 via an output conduit 16 controlled by a manually operable shut-off valve 18 inside the housing. Overflow of the reservoir is prevented by ball valve 14 and overflow conduit 15 which drains into storage reservoir 12. The animal housing 17 has two animal housing areas 19 divided by a fenced alleyway 20, and with a slotted floor through which the animal waste falls onto a subfloor 21 sloped towards channels 22 which lead into reservoir 12.; The subfloors 21 are flushed by apertured conduits 23 (one only shown) positioned along the highest edges of the subfloors 21, the water flowing into channels 22 and thence to reservoir 12 in which the level of effluent is held at a predetermined level by addition of water from conduit 24. The effluent is pretreated by aerating via conduit 26. Effluent is pumped from reservoir 12 via conduit 25 to the effluent treatment apparatus.

Effluent disposal
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GBD1320293 19720120
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1320293 (A)
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January 20, 1972
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June 13, 1973
Cadborough Eng
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