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1317315 Pressure dispensing containers ENGLISH NUMBERING MACHINES Ltd 6 Oct 1971 [17 Dec 1970] 59850/70 Heading F1R [Also in Division G4] A bronchial inhaler or the like comprises a housing 10 into which an aerosol dispensing can 12 is inserted; when the can is pushed down into the housing its valve strikes an abutment so that the substance is emitted through a mouthpiece 13 and the body of the can engages the operating levers of a counting mechanism (Division G4) which indicates the number of times the inhaler has been used.

Mechanical impulse counter
Application Number
GBD1317315 19701217
Publication Number
1317315 (A)
Application Date
December 17, 1970
Publication Date
May 16, 1973
English Numbering Machines
G06M 01/04
G06M 01/00
G06M 01/28
G06M 01/04
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