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1303439 Burner for waste gas disposal BRITISH PETROLEUM CO Ltd 29 Sept 1970 [19 Nov 1969 17 Feb 1970] 56547/69 and 7525/70 Heading F4T A burner for disposing of low pressure waste gas, e.g. methane, ethane, propane or butane comprises a primary fuel inlet 11 adapted to direct a primary fuel gas (supplied from a high pressure source) to flow over a director surface 20 which is tapered and curved to induce the Coanda effect to cause the primary fuel flow to entrain air into an associated low pressure zone, the gas/air mixture produced flowing towards a secondary fuel inlet 12 supplying (low pressure) waste-secondary fuel gas from a low pressure source from fuel line 18.; The director surface 20 is the outer surface of a director tube 10, the bore of which is the secondary fuel gas line, and a baffle 17 is positioned to deflect the secondary fuel gas and promote its mixing with the primary gas/air mixture. The primary inlet 11 is a circular slit formed between annular line 14 and the flat base 13 of tube 10 so that gas issues therefrom in a horizontal sheet to be steered by deflector portion 15 and tapered portion 16 towards secondary inlet 12. In a modification of the burner, as in Fig. 2 (not shown), an auxiliary director surface (30) is situated on the inner wall of tube 10 and part of the primary fuel gas flow is caused to flow over this surface (30) to encourage the flow of secondary fuel gas.

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GBD1303439 19691119
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1303439 (A)
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November 19, 1969
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January 17, 1973
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