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1283055 Apparatus for sampling and analysing breath MINE SAFETY APPLIANCES CO 28 Aug 1969 [4 Nov 1968] 42942/69 Heading A5R [Also in Divisions F2 and G1] A breath-sampling apparatus comprises a first conduit 2, one end forming a mouth-piece 4, the other end opening into a non-elastic inflatable bag 8, and having a branch tube 10, with an integral non-return valve which connects through a flexible tube 12 to a second non-elastic inflatable bag 16. The valve comprises a seat 18 integral with the branch 10 and a valve head 20 attached to a resilient block 22, of foamed rubber or foamed polyurethane which is compressed by a retaining ring 24. Air is exhaled into the mouthpiece and flows into and inflates bag 8. At a predetermined pressure, from 3 to 15 inches of water, the valve in tube 10 opens and air flows into bag 16.; When the bag 16 is full, it is closed off by means of a clip across the connecting tube 12. The alcohol content of the air in the bag is measured by a colorimetric indicator which is contained within a breakable ampoule (34) within the bag 16 or a glass tube (28) which is connected to the bag 16 by the connecting tube 12 in place of the conduits 2, 10.

Apparatus for sampling and analyzing breath
Application Number
GB19690042942 19690828
Publication Number
1283055 (A)
Application Date
August 28, 1969
Publication Date
July 26, 1972
Mine Safety Appliances Co
G01N 31/22
G01N 33/483
G01N 33/497
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