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1280389 Crystal growing CARL-ZEISSSTIFTUNG grading as JENAER GLASWERK SCHOTT & GEN] 2 Nov 1970 [3 Nov 1969] 52075/70 Heading BIS [Also in Division C1] In the production of crystalline material, the crystal forming substance 4 in finely divided form is melted by a laser beam 1, of a wave length greater than 2.5 Ám, at the focal point 5 and cooled on a support 6 which is progressively lowered to form a rod of crystalline material. The laser beam 1 is passed through a horizontal convex cylinder lens 2 to reduce the vertical width of the beam and through a vertical concave cylinder lens 3 to increase the width of the beam in a horizontal direction, the lenses being e.g. of NaCl or germanium. The laser beam 1 is preferably a CO 2 gas laser having a wave length of 10.6 Ám.; The crystalline rod can also be pulled one or more times through the laser beam to utilise the effect of the known zone-melting method.

Production of glass and crystalline material
Application Number
GB19700052075 19701102
Publication Number
1280389 (A)
Application Date
November 2, 1970
Publication Date
July 5, 1972
Zeiss Stiftung
Jenaer Glaswerk Schott & Gen
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