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1,274,869. Enzyme coatings. ARTHUR GUINNESS SON & CO. (DUBLIN) Ltd. 5 Feb., 1970 [11 Feb., 1969], No. 7240/69. Heading B2E. [Also in Division C3] An enzyme is insolubilised by chemical bonding to a synthetic resin in the form of a film on a surface. The resin may be ethylene maleic acid copolymer; it may be deposited on the surface from aqueous or organic solution, and treated with a solution of the enzyme; the polymer may be cross-linked with a polyol, polyamine or amino acid, or hydrazine, urea, guanidine, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone or carboxymethyl cellulose, before or after treatment with the enzyme. The surface may be fabric, aluminium, glass, PVC, paper, wood, synthetic sponge, stainless steel, polythene, or silicone rubber, and may be flat or the inside of a vessel or tube; coating may be by immersion, or by application with a rod or brush.; The enzyme may be papain, a proteinase, pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, pepsin, asperaginase, amyloglucosidase, cellulose, [alpha]-amylase, takadiastase, #-glucosidase, hexokinase, pyrophosphatase, catalase or xanthine oxidase.

Application Number
GB19690007240 19690211
Publication Number
1274869 (A)
Application Date
February 11, 1969
Publication Date
May 17, 1972
Wainwright Trevor
Guinness Son & A
C12N 11/00
C12H 01/00
C12N 11/08
C12H 01/15
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