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1,270,846. Two-part couplings. BELLING & LEE Ltd. 30 July, 1969, No. 38260/69. Heading H2E. A connector for a coaxial cable 17 has an elastomeric sleeve 21 to clamp the cable's outer conductor 19, which has been unbraided and twisted, against a metal shell 11 which has a shoulder 24 co-operating with a lip 23 on the sleeve 21. A tubular inner contact 15 is soldered at its tip 18 to the cable's inner conductor 16 and is supported by an insulator 14 which is retainedbetween the shoulder 24 and a sleeve wall 26. A gap 27 in the wall 26 and a notch 20 in the shell 11 permit passage of the outer conductor 19, which slides in a gap 28 in the lip 23 of the sleeve as the latter is pushed on from the rear. The sleeve wall thickness may be increased on the side corresponding to the gap 28, for instance by an axially extending rib 29.; Other constructions are described in which the insulator 14 is retained by integral portions which engage in apertures in the shell 11, or by a peripheral ridge held in a shell portion of larger diameter which separates two similar, reduced shell ends.

Improvements in or relating to coaxial electrical connectors
Application Number
GB19690038260 19690730
Publication Number
1270846 (A)
Application Date
July 30, 1969
Publication Date
April 19, 1972
Cooper Derrick Albert
Claydon Jack
Belling & Lee
H01R 13/00
H01R 13/646
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