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1,268,422. Xerographic plate. XEROX CORP. 25 Aug., 1969 [30 Aug., 1968 (2)], No. 42157/69. Heading HlK. [Also in Division C4] X-form substituted metal phthalocyanine optionally in admixture with a resin binder, is used to form a photoconductive layer on the conductive substrate of an electrophotographic plate. The ratio of phthalocyanine to resin binder ranges from 2 : 1 to 1 : 30 by weight. The X-forms of copper, cobalt, lead and zinc are preferably used. In Example 1 #-copper phthalocyanine pigment is sublimed on to a Mylar coated aluminium backing plate, and in Example III an aluminium substrate is coated with a mixture of epoxy, phenolic, and urea-formaldehyde resins, ethyl cellosolve and X-form copper phthalocyanine.

Phthalocyanine compositions and methods of preparation
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GB19690042157 19690825
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1268422 (A)
Application Date
August 25, 1969
Publication Date
March 29, 1972
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G03G 05/06
C23C 14/12
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