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1,250,734. Graft polymer compositions. FARBENFABRIKEN BAYER A.G. 6 Feb., 1970 [6 Feb., 1969], No. 5736/70. Heading C3G. A coating composition contains (A) a graft polymer of an epoxide derived from a polyhydric phenol and containing more than one epoxide group in the molecule and, optionally, 1.5 to 7% by weight of hydroxyl groups, the epoxide being grafted with a mixture of (a) 99.5 to 60% by weight of methyl methacrylate and (b) 0.5 to 40% of an ethylenically unsaturated acid and/or acid anhydride and (c) 0 to 20% of an additional ethylenically unsaturated monomer, free from acid groups, the graft base content of the graft polymer being from 30 to 98% by weight and (B) an aliphatic, cycloaliphatic or heterocyclic amino compound containing at least 3 hydrogen atoms attached to the nitrogen of the amino groups.; The epoxide may be modified by reaction with, e.g. a mono- or polyamine, carboxylic acid or acid anhydride, polyalcohol or mono- or diisooyanate prior to being grafted, or the graft polymer may be reacted during or after graft polymerization with an aliphatic epoxide. In examples, lacquers are prepared containing a bisphenol A-epichlorohydrin epoxide resin, the graft monomers (b) and (c) and amine compound (B) being as follows: (1) acrylic acid and a polyamido amine or diethylene triamine; (2) methacrylic acid and diethylene triamine; (3) acrylic acid and styrene, or acrylonitrile, and diethylene triamine, triethylene tetramine or tetraethylene pentamine; and (4) maleic acid anhydride and diethylene triamine or a polyamido amine. TiO 2 is incorporated in some of the lacquers.

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GBD1250734 19700206
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1250734 (A)
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February 6, 1970
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October 20, 1971
C08G 30/14
C08F 283/00
C08F 283/10
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