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1,243,507. Separating metal complexes. BRITISH PETROLEUM CO. Ltd. 4 March, 1969 [13 March, 1968], No. 12173/68. Heading B1X. A coordination complex of a transition metal is separated from a solution of the complex in one or more organic components by placing the solution under pressure on one side of a cellulosic membrane such that the permeate has a reduced content of complex. The membrane, preferably cellulose acetate, may be supported on a sintered stainless steel disc 12 which rests on a base plate 13. Feedstock is supplied through an orifice 16 so as to create turbulence and leaves via outlet 17. Permeate is collected in vessel 18. An alternative form of base plate 19 has inclined channels 21 through which permeate drains to pipe 23. Mixing may be effected by means of a magnetic stirrer.; In the embodiment of Fig. 3 (not shown), the cell comprising barrel 5 and membrane 10 contains magnetic stirrer 6. In the embodiment of Fig. 4 (not shown) membrane 11 lies on filter paper 18 supported by steel disc 12. Feedstock enters the cell through a 1 mm orifice 16 to create turbulence.

Ultrafiltration separation process
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GB19680012173 19680313
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1243507 (A)
Application Date
March 13, 1968
Publication Date
August 18, 1971
Walker Geoffrey
Westaway Michael Thomas
British Petroleum Co
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