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1,242,298. Mechanical chance apparatus. PHONOGRAPHIC TECHNICAL Ltd. 5 Nov., 1969 [6 May, 1969], No. 23088/69. Heading A6H. [Also in Divisions G4 and G6] A coin or token operated amusement machine comprises a first automatic machine unit of a kind from which the user may win a prize or attain a first prescribed objective, the winning of a prize or the attainment of the first prescribed objective being dependent mainly on chance, a second automatic machine unit of a kind from which the user may win a prize if a second prescribed objective is met, the attainment of the second prescribed objective being dependent wholly or mainly on skill, and electrical and/or mechanical control apparatus interconnecting the two units, the control apparatus being so arranged that the second unit is initially locked out and the user is compelled to use the first unit,; the attainment of the first prescribed objective causing the first unit to be locked out and the second unit to become operative. In the preferred embodiment the first unit comprises a fruit machine based on three reels 12 set in motion by handle 13. Prizes in the form of coins or tokens, or credits set up on meter 22 are awarded for certain combinations of symbols, whilst one particular combination of symbols allows the game of skill to be played, the outstanding credits being transferred to this game. Up to two of the reels 12 may be held in the positions resulting from the previous game by depression of buttons 16, to increase the chance of success in the next game. The game of skill comprises two alternatively illuminated lights 23, 24, the object being to depress button 25 when light 23 is on.; The credits displayed by meter 22 are increased following a success and decreased following a failure by an electrical circuit (Fig. 2, not shown) which also animates the display following each success. A sequence of ten successive failures terminates the game. A control is provided by which the player may at any time recover coins or tokens corresponding to the accumulated total of credits.

Coin or token operated automatic amusement machine
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GB19690023088 19690506
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1242298 (A)
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May 6, 1969
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August 11, 1971
Jacobs Eric
Phonographic Technical
G07F 17/32
G07F 17/32
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