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1,227,736. Vehicle rear view mirrors. MAGNATEX Ltd. 17 May, 1968 [17 May, 1967], No. 22899/67. Heading B7J. An adjustably supported vehicle rear viewing mirror consists of a mirror head having a moulded plastics casing 1 with a reflector 2 of wedge-shaped section, mounted thereon; a plastics rocker member 3; and a ball (or cylinder) member 13 which fits into a socket 5 in the rocker member 3 and which is formed by moulding the plastic around the ball or cylinder member. The rocker member is pivoted to the casing 1 by spigots 8a, 8b and sockets 9a, 9b. A finger actuator portion 6 also pivoted to the casing by spigots 10a, 10b and sockets 11a, 11b is connected to the main portion 4 of the rocker member via an integral hinge 7. The mirror may be moved from a normal position shown in full lines to that shown in dotted lines, to prevent glare, by rocking the finger actuator.; The method of manufacturing the mirror includes the step of moulding the plastics material, which may be polypropylene or nylon, around the ball or cylinder.

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GBD1227736 19670517
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1227736 (A)
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May 17, 1967
Publication Date
April 7, 1971
B60R 01/08
B60R 01/08
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