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1,226,569. Spring clips. A. F. MAYR. 22 April, 1968 [28 April, 1967], No. 18858/68. Heading E2B. [Also in Division A4] A clip for a cable comprises a one-piece hollow body 1 having an open bottom and means 15, Fig. 1 for engagement by a fixing nail, pin, or screw or ledges 16, Fig. 16 integral with the hollow body engageable with support seals 17, wherein the hollow body has side walls each with an opening 4, 5 for receiving a cable extending transversely of the body, each opening being connected to the open end edge of the respective side wall by an entrance slot through which the cable is to be introduced into said opening, the body being resilient to allow such introduction and the sides of the entrance slots having projections 7, 8 for restricting the slots.; As described the clip is made of a plastics material such as polyethylene and the means 15 for receiving the nail, pin or screw is a cylindrical member having a bore with a countersunk entrance portion to receive the head of the nail, pin or screw. The cable is forced between the protrusions 7, 8 and the resistance of the material enables varying sizes of cable to be held by the clip; in addition the clip is provided with teeth 10 which protrude downwardly from the underside of the top wall of the clip to engage the cable and these are distorted depending upon the size of the cable In a modification each of the openings is provided with teeth adjacent the top wall of the clip which engage the cable to prevent it moving longitudinally. When the ledges 16 are provided the means 15 is omitted but the clip is otherwise similar.; The clip can have second pairs of openings 4, 5 so that it can hold second cables.

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GBD1226569 19680422
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1226569 (A)
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April 22, 1968
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March 31, 1971
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