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1,209,654. Pyrimidone nucleosides. MERCK & CO. Inc. 2 July, 1968 [3 July, 1967], No. 31574/68. Heading C2C. The novel [alpha]- and #-anomers of nucleosides of the formula -wherein L is a C 1-5 alkoxy, hydroxy, amino. C 1-5 alkyl substituted amino, M is as defined for L or H, C 1-5 alkyl, halogen or halogenated C 1-5 alkyl and either Y is H and Z is C 1-5 alkyl or Z is H and Y is C 1-5 alkyl, may be prepared by reacting a compound of the formula wherein each of R1, R11, and R111 is acyl and X is halogen, with a compound of the formula wherein V is H or C 1-5 alkyl, to form an intermediate of the formula wherein W is C 1-5 alkoxy or OH and subjecting this intermediate to (a) treatment with a solvent in the presence of a base, when W = OH, or (b) reaction with ammonia, C 1-5 alkylamine or di-(C 1-5 alkyl) amine when W=alkoxy.; The novel nucleosides demonstrate antiviral activity, are capable of inhibiting RNA synthesis, have favourable cytotoxicity characteristics and show resistance to the action of adenosine deaminase.

Substituted ribofuranosyl pyrimidine nucleosides
Application Number
GB19680031574 19680702
Publication Number
1209654 (A)
Application Date
July 2, 1968
Publication Date
October 21, 1970
Walton Edward
Merck & Co
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C07D 307/00
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