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1,205,453. Arsenic removal from iron minerals. MONTECATINI EDISON S.p.A. 18 Oct., 1967 [21 Oct., 1966], No. 47530/67. Heading C1A. Arsenic is removed from iron minerals and pyrite cinders by adding lime or limestone, heating to 800-1000 C. in an oxidizing atmosphere, separating at a particle size of 0À15- 0.04 mm. the fine particles from the coarse particles, reducing to magnetite and magnetically enriching the coarse particles, leaching the fine particles with dilute mineral acid and mixing the magnetic residue and the solid residue from the leaching step. H 2 SO 4 , HC1 and/or HNO 3 having a concentration of 1-5% by weight may be used. The lime or limestone may amount to 0À5-5% expressed as Ca and based on the weight of the mineral. The dearsenified mineral product may be pelletized for use in iron and steel metallurgy.

Arsenic removal from iron minerals
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GB19670047530 19671018
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1205453 (A)
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October 18, 1967
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September 16, 1970
Colombini Ariano
Sironi Giuseppe
Veronica Giacinto
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