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1,203,138. Sealing cables. BRITISH INSULATED CALLENDER'S CABLES Ltd. 3 April, 1969 [5 April, 1968], No. 16462/68. Addition to 1,120,011. Heading H1A. . The invention of Specification 1,120,011 is modified by omitting the cooling devices 14 and applying the sealing material to the cable cores at the elevated temperature, the material being cooled by abstraction of heat by the core. Fig.4 (not shown) indicates an alternative arrangement wherein each feeding station has its own individual supply tank.

Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of multi-conductor cables
Application Number
GB19680016462 19680405
Publication Number
1203138 (A)
Application Date
April 5, 1968
Publication Date
August 26, 1970
Wardley Brian John
British Insulated Callenders
H01B 13/00
H01B 13/32
H01B 13/32
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