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1,192,531. Cathode structures. CARRIER ENG. CO. Ltd. March 17, 1969 [May 14, 1968], No. 22902/68. Heading C7B. A cathode structure comprises a front wall constituted in part by a removable semi-permeable membrane 1, a back wall 2, side walls 3 and a bottom, a cathode element 5 and locating means by which the cathode element can be selectively located within the cathode structure in any one of a plurality of positions relative to the front wall. In the form shown the membrane 1 is provided with an open mesh cover 13 e.g. of mild steel, and the cathode 5 is of a stainless steel grid secured to plate-like members 11 which are engaged between the sides 3 and spacer elements 9. By reversal of the cathode, the cathode may occupy positions 5 and 5a.; Further positions of the cathode may be obtained by inserting the members 11 on the other sides of spacer elements 9, which may be formed by rollers of nylon or polyvinyl chloride freely surrounding bolts 8 which secure the front wall of the structure. The back and side walls of the structure may be of polyvinyl chloride. The cathode structure is provided with a feed pipe (19) and with an overflow pipe attached to hole (20) Fig. 1 (not shown). The cathode structure may be used in the electo-phoretic deposition of paint on an anodic workpiece, the position of the cathode relative to the membrane, and the particular membrane used being selected to suit the paint being used.

Cathode structure for use when coating articles with paint by an electro-deposition process
Application Number
GB19680022902 19680514
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1192531 (A)
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May 14, 1968
Publication Date
May 20, 1970
Jones Ivor Wynford
Carrier Engineering
C25D 13/22
C25B 09/06
B01D 61/42
C25D 13/22
C25B 09/08
B01D 61/46
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