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1,190,351. Injection-blow moulding machines. APL CORP. 9 Jan., 1969 [26 Feb., 1968], No. 1449/69. Heading B5A. In a method of injection-blow moulding a composite plastics article, a first parison 36 is injected on to a core, the core and parison transferred to a second mould where a second parison 361 is injected and then the core and parisons transferred to a blow mould. In one example (Fig. 1) laminated articles 46 are produced in apparatus comprising a turntable 12 carrying cores 18, 20, 22, 24 movable to injection stations 28, 30, a blowing station 32 and an ejection station 34. In a modification (Figs. 2, 3, not shown) the upper portion (36) of a container is injected at the first station and the lower part (361) at the second station.; The moulding materials for the two layers or parts may differ in composition, colour, permeability, opacity, density, flow temperature or expense. Three or more injection stations may be used for articles having three or more laminations. A linear arrangement of stations may be used instead of a circular one.

Method and apparatus for injection-blow moulding
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GB19690001449 19690109
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1190351 (A)
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January 9, 1969
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May 6, 1970
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