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1,181,766. Pigment dispersions. CIBA Ltd. 17 Sept., 1968 [20 Sept., 1967], No. 44079/68. Headings B1V and B2E '[Also in Divisions B2, B5, C3, C4 and D1] Organic polymers are coloured by the addition of a dibenzanthrone sulphonamide or an isodibenzanthrone sulphonamide and which may be halogenated, e.g. of the formula: in which one X is carbonyl and the other a direct bond, m' is 1 or 2 and n' and u are each 1-4 their sum being not greater than 4. In the examples the following are coloured, (2) nitrocellulose lacquer, (4) an alkyd-melamine storing lacquer, each is applied to aluminium foil, the latter being stored for one hour at 120 C. A dispersion of a specified pigment with the sodium salt of 1, 1'-dinaphthylmethane-2, 2'-disulphonic acid in water is prepared by grinding in a colloid mill to a particle size below 1Á. (Example 5).; Another pigment is dispersed in water with an ethylene oxide-tert. butyl para-cresol condensate (Example 7).

A process for colouring products of high molecular weight with pigments
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GB19680044079 19680917
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1181766 (A)
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September 17, 1968
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February 18, 1970
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C09B 03/30
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