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1,159,843. Hydrogenating hydrocarbons. ESSO RESEARCH & ENG. CO. 26 May, 1967, No. 24593/67. Heading C5E. In a process for producing a heavy aromatic solvent a hydrocarbon oil is steam cracked and an aromatic tar is produced, said tar having a boiling point above 500 F., the said tar is heat soaked, and flashed and a 350 to 550 F. boiling point fraction is recovered and this fraction is then catalytically hydro-treated. The feedstock may be a gas oil or a mixed gas oil-naphtha. In an alternative embodiment the steps of heat soaking and flashing may be replaced by the step of destructive distillation. The hydro-fining catalyst may comprise cobalt oxide and molybdenum oxide, or cobalt molybdate absorbed on alumina, oxide, silica gel, clay, or hydrogen fluoride promoted alumina. The hydro-fined distillate may be re-destilled and washed with sodium hydroxide solution.

Process for manufacture of heavy aromatic solvent
Application Number
GB19670024593 19670526
Publication Number
1159843 (A)
Application Date
May 26, 1967
Publication Date
July 30, 1969
Steele Clellie Truman
King Laurence Frederick
Exxon Research Engineering Co
C10G 69/00
C10G 69/06
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