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1,158,113. Surgical stapling instruments. UNITED STATES SURGICAL CORP. 6 July, 1966 [6 July, 1965], No. 7080/69. Divided out of 1158111. Heading A53. [Also in Division B4] The subject matter of this Specification is substantially identical with that described with reference to Figures 18 to 23 in Specification 1158111, but the claims are concerned with a surgical stapling instrument, for use with a detachable staple magazine, comprising spaced jaws extending forwardly from a body, one jaw having an anvil surface with staple clinching depressions and the other being adapted to receive the magazine, means for bringing the jaws into clamping engagement with tissue and means movable longitudinally of the other jaw for ejecting staples one after the other from the magazine when mounted in the instrument.

Surgical stapling instruments
Application Number
GB19690007080 19660706
Publication Number
1158113 (A)
Application Date
July 6, 1966
Publication Date
July 16, 1969
Us Surgical Corp 62 1158111
A61B 17/068
A61B 17/072
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